About the Conference

Conference date: 15-17 October 2019

Vladimir Leontyevich Komarov (1869—1945)

The conference is devoted to the 150th anniversary of birth of V.L. Komarov’s (1869–1945), an outstanding scientist and statesman, the founder and first director of the Institute for the History of Science of the USSR Academy of Sciences. V.L. Komarov was elected Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1914 and Full Member in 1920. He served as President of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1936-1945. He was also the President of the All-Union Botanical Society and Honorary President of the USSR Geographical Society. 

The conference will cover a wide range of theoretical and practical issues in historiography and source studies for the history of science and technology.

The following themes are brought up for discussion:

  • historical evidence, sources, historical monuments of science in scientific knowledge: problems of methodology, terminology, and classification;
  • history of the Academy of Sciences: historiography, sources, Personalia;

  • source study of the history of science and technology: Personalia
  • museum collections as a source on the history of science and technology.